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How To Load And Unload A Van Safely

Whether you are renting a van for the first time, or you regularly use vans for business or personal use, it is critical to know how to load and unload a van safely. The potential for accidents, injuries, or for damage to your cargo can be minimised by following some basic safety tips when loading and unloading your van.

These tips will also help you to make the most efficient use of space possible, saving you money and time.


  • Always load and unload your van in an area free from traffic. This avoids the risks of disrupting traffic or being hit by another vehicle. Also make sure your van is away from overhead cables, as loading and unloading large cargo risks coming into contact with electrical wires. This could lead to damage to the wires, or worse to electric shocks from mains cables. You must also check that loading is legal if you will be parked on a public highway. Penalties for obstructing traffic can be high, so check with your local council in advance to avoid these fines.
  • Make sure your load is evenly distributed and secured if necessary. Cargo can slide around during the journey and get damaged, or pile up against the door of the van risking injury when the doors are opened. Unevenly distributed goods can also de-stabilise the van. Consider using straps to secure your cargo. If you have rented your van from a local hire company like National van rental, they should be able to provide advice and equipment to help stabilise the van.
  • Securely pack all valuables, and dismantle large items if possible. This will make them easier to load and unload and less likely to get damaged in transit. Cover items with plastic wrap, bubble wrap or newspaper to keep them clean and to prevent breakages. Also make sure that you have an appropriate number of people to safely load and unload your biggest and heaviest items. Some things may be far to heavy for one or two people to manage alone, so consider getting extra help to make your loading and unloading as safe and efficient as possible.
  • Load the largest items first, and unload them last. You can then fit all of your smaller items around them, making the most efficient use of space. Also bear in mind the weight of your items, and make sure to pile lighter items on top of the heaviest ones. Heavy items must be secured in place as they can cause a lot of damage if they move around during transit.



Smarter Ways To Donate Goods To Charity

Donating unwanted goods to charity is one of the best ways to make a difference on a budget. Whether you’re moving house or just having a spring clean, you’re likely to surprise yourself with the amount of unused and unwanted stuff you have lying around. Getting rid of it all can do wonders for your general well-being, and will make your house seem much bigger, too.

new pound coin

Here are five smart ways to turn your junk into donations:

Divide things into categories first

Rather than traipsing from shop to shop with a car-load of unwanted goods, separate your stuff into piles or boxes: clothes, furniture, electrical equipment, and entertainment. Do some research into your local charity shops to find out which ones take what. Some shops specialise in books and DVDs, whereas others will take more of an interest in vintage clothes. Make sure everything is in good condition — you’ll be wasting the charity’s time by giving them rubbish to sift through.

Take the surplus to a re-use centre

You might not be able to offload everything to the shops, and that’s fine. You can take unwanted clothes and shoes to a re-use centre. There’s probably one in your local supermarket’s car-park, next to the recycling bins. Charity shops are usually paid around £80 per tonne for the items that end up here — and, although that’s not very much, it’s better than the alternative, which is dumping them.

Beware house-to-house collections

Some charities offer house-to-house clothes collections, where you bag up your stuff and they take it off your hands. Be careful, though, as the money might not be going where you think it’s going. Make sure you read the company’s leaflet carefully before putting your clothes out for collection. If the charity is being paid per tonne, they’re only going to receive around 5p per item — but, if you take those clothes into a shop, they could sell them for much more than that.

Give online

Charity auction websites allow users to advertise unwanted goods and send the proceeds directly to their chosen charity. You can do this from home, too, which is great if you don’t have a car. Alternatively, there’s eBay For Charity, where you can list items and then choose what percentage of the winning bid you’d like to donate. By choosing Collection Only, you won’t even have to pay for postage.

Try a car-boot sale

If you’re trying to shift miscellaneous bits and pieces, a car-boot sale might be a good idea. Beads, old jewellery, comic, magazines, children’s toys and even unwanted crockery tend to be quite popular. Lower the prices of any unsold goods as the event comes to a close. Then, donate the proceeds to charity by giving online, by text, or over the phone.

Clearing your house of clutter can make all the difference to your mood, and you’ll probably feel energised after having a clear-out. You’ll also have helped the environment by donating rather than dumping your stuff, and you’ll have given money to a good cause, too.

By Sam Wright

Sam Wright is a freelance writer. He works for Third Sector, and often uses online charity auctions.

News Release With Sports News And Breaking News –

Hello and welcome. Once again, there are quite a few things happening around the world. Let us quickly go through the latest news release, comprising some of the breaking news in politics, and technology, and then cover the latest sports news as well.

car in snow

Arizona bill denounced by big brands like Apple and more

The Arizona legislation’s decision of denying services to customers based on their sexuality was supported by many. Supporters claimed that it was a necessary step to ensure the religious freedom in the state.

However, many had strongly opposed this bill, stating that it was a clear case of discrimination against the gay population. One of the biggest group who opposed the decision were businesses like Apple, Marriot, American Airlines, Delta, and even the NFL!

Iraqi capital bombed

A motorcycle exploded in eastern Baghdad’s Sadr city on Thursday, resulting in at least 11 deaths and wounding over 35 people. The deadly explosion took place in a popular Sadr city market, which is an area that comprises the Shiite population.

Till now, none of the militant groups have expressed ownership of this blast. Iraq saw other violent activities earlier that day. Around 24 people were killed and over 16 injured in these attacks that were noted in the other parts of the country.

Yahoo webcam images collected by British intelligence

Some documents that were recently leaked proved it that the British intelligence and spies have been collecting private webcam videos from Yahoo. Millions of Yahoo users have been tapped and their webcam videos, some of them extremely personal and sexually explicit, have been recorded.

This webcam video collection has not been based on whether the targeted people were involved or suspected in any activity that may raise a concern to the authorities. This whole project has been handled by the British Government Communications Headquarters, or the GCHQ.

One of the most advanced mobiles from Boeing

If you thought that an iPhone, a Samsung Note 3 or one of the latest BlackBerry’s were the most advanced and secured smartphones, here is some news for you. The aerospace giant, Boeing, plans to manufacture and launch smartphones that are specifically targeted for government agencies that require highly secure smartphones, like the military and other allied agencies.

The release of this device, H8V-BLK1, which has been named the Boeing Black, will remain confidential. Normal buyers will not get the opportunity to inspect this device.

UCLA suspensions

Looking at some sports news, Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson have faced a one game suspension from the UCLA. The duo is probably the best players in the UCLA. The suspension has been ordered as both the players violated team rules, according to an announcement made by the school. This means that they will miss tonight’s game against Oregon.

Rory Mcllroy now leads the Honda Classic tournament

Unlike last year, Rory Mcllroy emerged as the leader after the first round of the Honda Classic tournament. Rory shot a 7-under-par 63, which ultimately put him in the lead as the first round ended. This now places him ahead of Russell Henley in the tournament.

There is more of the latest news release, sports news and international breaking news to come from Stay tuned to learn about it before the others do!

Ryan is a blogger who writes mainly for online portals like, covering latest news release, sports news and international breaking news.