6 Accidents You Should Claim for

If you’re like me then you don’t want to deal with the hassle of filling out paperwork and taking to insurance agents if you feel like you can handle an incident on your own. The papers are often cumbersome and more often than not you are perfectly fine. Keeping that in mind, you never know when what seems like a simple injury can lead to worse problems down the road. Below you’ll find a list of 6 accidents that you can make a claim for. If any of these happen to you, visit Claim Today London and get the information you need to start the claim process.


Number 6

Many of us have been hit by a car, or a bike, at some point in time. Filing a claim does not necessarily mean that the person who knocked you over will be in trouble, but it will give you the option of getting financial help if the injury does not get better.

Number 5

Have you ever slipped and fallen? Maybe it was icy outside or the floor had just been mopped. I have fallen at work when the car park was not properly sanded on a freezing February morning. I have never filed a claim at work, but will in the future. The last time I slipped while grocery shopping I ended up with a back injury that did not go away. Months later when I finally went to the doctor I had to pay for my physical therapy out of pocket because I had not filed a report at work and could not prove that I had been injured there.

Number 4

Any work related injury should be reported at work, even if it seems minor. If you fall off a step ladder, slip on a wet floor, or have an object fall off the shelf at you then you should have it documented. I know, the paper works a hassle, but if your injury does not heal in an appropriate time frame, or at all, that paperwork is what will help you get your care covered.

Number 3

Minor car related accidents such as small fender benders, or hitting the curb with your car should be documented if they were not your fault. While they are minor in nature, hitting your car in the wrong place can cause serious damage that may not be visible. By having the claim filed, you have the option of getting repairs covered should the damage be larger than you had anticipated. Equally a stiff neck could turn into something much more persistent and painful than you think.

Number 2

Injuries from tripping in the street can also be a reason to file a claim. While tripping over may seem minor (and often is) there are two reasons why your trip should be documented. The first is the same as the last three accidents: Documenting it allows you to request help paying for treatment. The second reason is that when injuries are caused by disrepair on the road, the council must be pushed to fix the hazard. If you report your minor injury you can prevent others from hurting themselves in the future.

Number 1

If you are on a bus or other mode of public transportation when an accident occurs, you should take them up on the opportunity to receive post-accident care. The only time that I have ever been in an accident that involved public transportation, I refused care and ended up regretting it. Within 24 hours I had a bad case of whiplash.

The truth is you don’t know what injury can turn into something serious. Make sure you protect yourself by speaking out, and where appropriate, filing a claim against those that are to blame.