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Since iPads and iPhones have replaced common notebooks and PCs, global society pays more attention to new applications and their updates. Apparently, gadgets have penetrated in every possible field of peoples’ livelihood, hobbies and leisure, professional work and whatsoever. On the contrary, major world companies also try their best to adapt to a new trend, which promises to last for more than one decade. As an example, one can consider Adobe Photoshop, world leader among picture editors. This software company has already released several applications designed specifically for gadget lovers. The starting point was an announcement of Adobe Touch Apps release in 2011 and till nowadays six main applications might be distinguished.


Adobe Photoshop Touch is designed for processing ready images on the tablets. Using this tool, one can apply professional effects to images, share them with colleagues, friends and acquaintances through Facebook social network. Adobe Photoshop Touch contains a large number of functions that are usually available in a version for personal computers. They include work with layers, selection tools, filters, and a lot of settings that allow you to edit pictures of any quality and image. The current price of Adobe Photoshop Touch in Apple Store is $9,99.

Adobe Collage, as one could guess, is designed to help you in getting a creative collage comprised of different files: images, photos, videos, texts. You can import PSD, PDF, AI-files, search them using Google, Flickr, and YouTube. The program supports a big variety of formatting options: pens, pencils, fonts, and many, many more.

Adobe Proto is an application used to design the website visual image. It allows you to create the look of a website or a mobile application just in a few minutes. It is possible to move individual components such as menus, tabs, pages, you may preview the development using WebKit, synchronize data with Adobe Creative Cloud and more. To be more specific, Adobe Creative Cloud allows synchronizing files from the Internet, providing access to them from any device.

Adobe Ideas is a vector sketching that will appeal to many artists, web designers, amateurs and fans of drawing. With this application, you can draw vector illustrations in real-time. It is also possible to choose a brush of proper size and paint; in fact, you can use Multi-Touch, there are flexible options of canvas scale. If working with a photograph, Adobe Ideas mechanism will pick up the color palette for color editing.

Adobe Debut helps to show the results of Photoshop editor elsewhere, combining all files in one dialogue window. One of the most remarkable features of this app is that it works fine with both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files.

Adobe Kuler allows designers and artists to create color patterns and share them. Kuler uses the gadget camera and automatically processes the image, bringing out its color palette, which happens in real time. Defined colors are displayed at the top of the screen. Additionally, to create color patterns, you can use the photos from the library of iOS, Flickr or Google.