I seem to spend a great deal of money on some form of cleaning products. Be that for my house or indeed for cleaning my beautiful body and hair. I’ve never really thought much of the impact that these products have on the environment. And lets be perfectly honest, I’m sure you haven’t either

Now, when it comes down to it, we all should be doing our bit for the environment. If that means being more ‘conscious’ then perhaps we bloody well should be. It all appears to be going wrong for the animals, the fish and of course some people who live in very hot countries. I.e. the poorer amongst us – all of these things matter, but obviously humans matter a little bit more. Climate Change is causing problems, that no one can deny.

Today, I felt prompted to write a “Save the Planet” style post after seeing perhaps the best piece of conceptual design I have seen in a long time. Firstly I’ll start you off with the spiel from the website, nicely named 99 Falling Apples (quite obviously a homage to the legendary.Isaac Newton.)

The ‘design concept’ in question…

Most detergent products, be it solutions or sprays, contains only about 5% of its weight of active ingredients, while the rest is the plastic container and water. This unnecessarily worsens the carbon footprint during transportation and also makes recycling the plastics seem somewhat redundant.

Replenish Detergent Spray

Replenish Detergent Spray

So how exactly does this bottle (which looks pretty empty) work?

Replenish is concentrated cleaning solution,a “disruptive new household cleaning product”. That comes with an empty plastic container and a “twist-on concentrate pod” containing the concentrated solutions. All you need to do is to add water, shake to mix, and start your cleaning. Creative, durable, and elegantly colorful.

How to mix Peplenish cleaning products

How to mix Peplenish cleaning products

The result is something a bit like this:

Replenish Bottle Tipped Upside down

The Mixing Process

Lets be honest, the product makes sense, it also suggests that buy using their (as some might say- cheapskate…) idea, you could be saving money on those essential items. The company currently offer free shipping on their products and now is the time to start buying and doing your thing for climate change.