With so many different styles to choose from this year, it is hard to know which is the most popular. Some of the latest styles are almost retro in their appearance, for example the Baroque inspired handbags. They are ornate bags normally with a tapestry-like insert, that, while giving that vintage look, are extremely feminine and sophisticated. Another ultra-modern yet at the same time vintage look is the geometrically patterned bag that was popular in the swinging 60’s and comes in black and white or brown and white.


A particular favourite this year are the furry handbags, normally made with faux fur and meant more for the winter. However, they are still being seen around in the summer months as they are so gorgeous. They come in a wonderful selection of different fur types such as leopard and zebra, usually in black or brown, however the designers have gone overboard and used some great colours as well, so there is an amazing choice for you to select from.

Possibly one of the most striking styles for 2013 are colour contrast bags. They can come in any combination of colours such as black and lilac or red, brown with green or yellow, the choice is limitless. But whichever you choose, they will definitely add a splash of colour to any outfit. Another style that makes a definite fashion statement are the handbags that incorporate metal chains and straps. Metals such as gold, rose gold and silver, whether real or plated have been incorporated to form handles and fasteners to give a chic and expensive look.

clutch bags

There are also the smaller bags that are hot in 2013, such as the clutch and the messenger bags. The oversized clutch bag, which is known as the document clutch, is an incredible fashion accessory, as it is large enough to fit everything in and comes with a detachable shoulder strap. The messenger bag is tiny and dainty and very useful if you are going somewhere and need to keep your valuables safe and your hands free, as the shoulder strap is long enough to cross over your shoulder.

The final two ‘must haves’ for 2013 are the quilted purse and the equestrian bag. The quilted bag is another Chanel design, which is now affordable to all, as many other designers have created their own take on the original – and again they can now be bought in a variety of colours rather than the traditional Chanel black. The equestrian bag comes in lovely earth tones and animal textures, which are finished off with metal decorations that are anything to do with the equestrian world.

Whichever style you choose, 2013 is the year of the handbag, so enjoy!