Practical Action, a development charity, has this week released an alternative London Tube Map that highlights the impact climate change and rising sea levels could have on London, UK.

Simply put, the situation is shocking – we need to really take the issue to hand and try and sort it out.

Alternative London Tube Map

If climate change talks are not successful, there could be a 4° rise in global temperatures by the end of the century. This, in turn, could lead to a 4m rise in sea levels; leaving a situation far from stable for those in London and indeed developing countries.

The “London Underground Map 2100” highlights those areas that could be underwater if no action on climate change is taken including Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Embankment, Sloane Square and Canary Wharf.

Margaret Gardner, Director of Practical Action says this:

If no action is taken against the temperature and sea levels rise as predicted, large areas of London could be underwater by the end of the century – a frightening thought. But what’s more frightening are the effects that will be felt in developing countries where people are already living on the front line of climate change and experiencing the worst effects of floods, droughts and extreme temperatures.

In London we have an insurance industry and the necessary capital to do something about increased flooding risk. We can build barriers and do whatever is necessary. But in Dhaka and other cities in the developing world, there isn’t the spare cash to just invest in infrastructure to help people to adapt to climate change. So the answer has to be to avoid climate change in the first place.

Look at what is currently happening (in regards to rising sea levels) in Bangladesh. Oxfam is providing coverage of the event. As much as it’s shocking to see this happen in Bangladesh, imagine the scale of disruption that a natural tragedy would have on London…