I don’t know about you. But, for me, the Internet is a brilliant resource! At a moment’s notice, I can get the answers I need to a particular question. I can compare prices from several providers of products I want to buy. And I can even order a pizza if I feel like eating some junk food!

The convenience factor is a big draw for people that use the Web on a regular basis. But, the Internet is also a way for many people to make a living these days. It’s no secret that the Web has also helped spawn many a micro-entrepreneur.

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Did you know there are many weird and wonderful ways to make money online? I know what you’re thinking. Most of them are probably scammy, right? The truth is, one can legitimately earn a living using the Internet. Take these surprising concepts, for example:

  1. Forex and Binary Options

Money is literally big business. Each day, trillions get traded on various exchanges around the world. For example, currency pairs like the Euro and US Dollar, and the British Pound and the Euro.

The Internet enables people like you and I to make money speculating on market movements. For instance, if you think the EUR/USD price will rise in two minutes, you can “open an option” for it. If you’re right, you could make up to 85% profit for your troubles!

  1. Elocution lessons

Do you have more than an excellent command of the English language? And can you speak the Queen’s English? If so, others are willing to pay you to help them do the same! The sad truth is that the way you speak can make people judge you in certain ways. Improving the way you talk has the potential to open up many doors in one’s life.

  1. Casino Games

If you’re a pro at playing poker, this one’s for you. Believe it or not, many people make good money from sites like MariaCasino. The advantage of such sites is they get regulated. That means they house doesn’t always win, nor are all the games “fixed”!

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  1. Product Reviewer

You might have heard of those companies that pay you to answer surveys about stuff. One step up from that is getting paid to review products. You get sent a free product to try out and keep. In return, you must write a detailed review of it and what you think of it.

The beauty is, you get paid to write your review. So, not only do you get a free product, you get some cash for your troubles too!

  1. Transcriber

There is a huge market for people to make money transcribing. In case you didn’t know, transcribing is the process of converting speech to text. For instance, you might need to write down what got said in a podcast. Or you could get asked to transcribe a recorded conversation or interview.


The above are just five of literally thousands of unique ways to make money online. Thanks for checking out today’s post!