Some people can take or leave music. They are happy to boogie on down to some S Club 7 at the cheesy tunes disco, and that is about as far as it goes. However, if you are more serious about your selection and consumption of the musical arts, read on for some items that you just can’t do without.

Wireless Speakers

So if you love your music then, playing out the tiny, tinny speaker on your phone is kind of a no-no. You don’t get the best quality sound that way, and it can make listening to all the subtleties of your favourite tunes a chore rather than a pleasure. That is why you need to get a wireless speaker in your life.

There are lots of different brands that make speakers like this. Most of them connect to your device via Bluetooth. This means you can control and select playlists using your phone or tablet while still being connected to the speaker.

Some of the most popular ones are the Beats Pill and the SONS Play 1. But, if you are looking for something that works well and is a bit cheaper you can try a version like Easy Acc.


If you live at home, or with roommates or even with a partner that doesn’t quite share your taste in music, you might ask to use your headphones.

Fear not, though, headphone technologies so good these days that you can get the full sonic experience while using them. Cans are particularly popular at the moment. They are the big headphones in case you are unfamiliar.

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Some good makes include Skullcandy, which are colourful and Beats By Dre, which are expensive but said to get better with use.

Musical Instruments

The chances are that if you like your music, you may well play an instrument too. This can be both a curse and a blessing. Playing solo or in a band is an amazing experience. However it’s not cheap, and it can be hard to get a good quality instrument for a reasonable price.

Check out secondhand stores for guitars and violins, but be prepared to restring them. Some people choose to use a company that offers piano hire too. As this can be a much more cost-effective option than trying to buy one new.

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Record Player

Vinyl is back in a big way. It’s easy to buy current signals, as well as reissues of classics. Then, of course, you can always trawl the record shops for original editions too.

But, you can’t listen to LP’s or 7” unless you have a record player. Until a few years ago the choices were vintage Dansette styles player, that had been reconditioned. Or one designed for those that like vinyl the first time around! Once MP3 files took off, it was then possible to get a USB record player that would rip your tunes onto your computer.


However now you can get an awesome suitcase records player like a Crosley new for under £100. Making it the perfect choice for students and young people just getting into vinyl.