When an employer hires people, they are obliged to do certain things and treat them a certain way. Failing to do this can cause all sorts of problems for the employer because they will be breaching employment laws. Here are the obligations that an employer has to their employees.

A Binding Contract

Contracts can sometimes be verbal, and that means that they are not actually written down. But this is not something that should remain the case for very long. It is a legal requirement that the employer gives every employee a contract that outlines their rights. Obviously, it doesn’t have to outline their statutory rights because they are enshrined in law. But it does have to make clear what their contractual employment rights are. These relate to pay, paid holidays and hours of work.


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Pay at or Above the Minimum Wage

Getting paid is another one of the key obligations an employer has to their employees. It’s not up to the employer to decide how much they get paid though. Well, it is, but only up to a point. If they fail to pay them an amount of money that equals or exceeds the legal minimum wage, then they are breaking the law. This is a very serious criminal offense, and it’s something that the authorities are taking very seriously. So, when an employer hires someone, they have to check what the minimum wage is for someone of their age because it changes depending on age. The employee can get compensation and prosecute the employer if they fail to do this.


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A Safe Working Environment

Every employee is entitled to a  safe place where they can do their job. If the environment is not safe, then the employee could get hurt. This is not something that either party should want to happen. It should be avoided at all costs by the employer because it can lead to costly legal action from the employee if they are hurt doing their job. And, of course, no employee wants to get hurt doing their job. So, if the job that an employee does puts them at risk of getting hurt, it is the employer’s full responsibility to make the job as safe as it can be. This health and safety responsibilities guide for employers might be helpful.


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Work to Do

When an employer hires an employee, they are obliged to give you work to do when you turn up to work each day. This might sound like a strange thing to point out because who would hire someone and then give them no work? But this is one of the legal obligations that an employer has. It’s not something that ever causes much of a problem though, mainly for the reason I just pointed out. And what kind of person would complain about getting paid to do nothing? However, it does become an issue if the employee is paid on commission. This is when the amount of work an employee does is directly worked to the amount they are paid.


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