Corsets are a fantastic invention and one of the most beautiful lingerie items a woman can own, but not every corset is suitable for every occasion. They’ve changed enormously in style and usage throughout history, and even in modern times there are all sorts of styles available out there.

Here’s how to sort through the massive variety and pick the corset that’s perfect for your needs…


Every bride wants to look best on her wedding day, and this includes her wedding night too! It’s no wonder then that many women opt for a beautiful, luxury corset to go under their dress on this very special occasion, and often it’s the first corset she’s ever bought since they’re something of a rarity in day to day lingerie nowadays!

Here, there are three very important factors to take into consideration. Firstly, the appearance! For your wedding night, you want the most luxurious and beautiful corset you can afford so be sure to try it on before you buy, or order from an online retailer who offers returns in case it doesn’t look as good as you’d hoped. Keep an eye out for high quality fabrics such as silk, premium quality satin or lace that will add an elegant touch.

Secondly, comfort is crucial – no bride wants to be uncomfortable on her big day! Even if the corset is comfortable when you try it on, if you’re not used to wearing one it can soon lead to discomfort so it’s best to ‘break in’ the corset and help it mould to your body shape by wearing it for a good few hours before your wedding day.

Finally, for this particular occasion it’s important that your corset and your dress work well together! Buy your corset before your gown, and take it dress shopping with you so that you can be sure it doesn’t show through the dress, or poke over the neckline!

Romantic Special Occasion

A corset is one of the sexiest and most glamorous lingerie items out there, so for any special occasion with your partner a gorgeous corset will no doubt go down well!

Look for a strong, steel-boned corset if you want that waist cinching effect – a premium quality corset can take 4 inches off your waistline – and keep an eye out for quality fabrics. Sexy black satin is a classic, whilst a lace overlay adds a touch of glamour!

If you want to go all out and complete the look, buy a corset with attached or detachable suspenders so you can team it with a pair of sexy stockings!

Night Out

Heading out for a night on the town with your friends and want to look stunning? A corset makes for very sexy outerwear too and looks great with jeans, with a skirt or even over a plain dress!

As I’ve mentioned, steel boning is suitable for ‘tight lacing’, but it’s uncomfortable for the first-time corset wearer and that’s not practical when you want to dance the night away! A plastic-boned corset will still look great and will feel much more comfortable to wear.

For a night out dancing especially, don’t be afraid to do a little wiggle in the changing rooms and throw your arms about to make sure nothing ‘pops out’ when you’re moving! Many corsets push the bust up so when you’re wearing the corset without a bra (as overbust corsets should be worn) embarassing slips and mishaps can sometimes occur!

To avoid this, look for a corset with shaped cups so that the bust is held in place rather than pushed up, or wear an underbust corset over a top or dress.

Everyday Wear

For some, a corset is less luxury lingerie for special occasions and more everyday wear! If that’s you, then comfort is of course important above all else. Try various corset styles and shapes until you find the one that works for you.

Plastic boning is more comfortable but it you want to ‘train’ your waist to reduce its natural size over time, look for flexible steel bones that are super strong but comfortable too. As for fabric, you’ll want to wear natural fibres that allow the skin to ‘breathe’ (otherwise you’ll get sweaty wearing manmade fibres all day long!) such as silk or cotton. A corset liner is also a great idea.

Michelle Star blogs for EstyLingerie, an online boutique where you can find gorgeous, cheap corsets and other lingerie and hopes that these tips will help you find the perfect corset! Some other advice is to keep an eye out for sales or special offers to pick up cheap corsets, UK retailers are best if buying online (or US, if you live there) as you don’t want to pay extortionate postage fees if you need to return items, and if in doubt a classic black corset goes with every skin tone and every lingerie colour!

Have any more corset tips of your own? Please leave me a comment below!