The White Man Van has been struck! This time with a hefty $5,000 fine, from who else but our wonderful Police force.

Ronnie Dobson owner of a van hire firm is 'threatening' to sue Police after he claims they 'tore apart my vehicle' leaving only a shell.

According to Newcastles ChronicleLive:

Ronnie innocently hired out a $15,000 Renault Master van, expecting to get it back in the condition it left his business in. But the next time he saw the vehicle it was missing headlights, had its dashboard removed, and internal panels had been removed exposing the innards of the chassis.

Poor Ronnie comes up with this gem:

We hired the van out on the Thursday and we were expecting to have it back on the Saturday. The van never came back on time so we called the police but they don't take it seriously until it is at least 24 hours late in coming back.

With a classic bit of 'lack of communication' or just generally being difficult the Police operator didn't tell Ronnie the Owner of the Vehicle that in fact it was being torn apart. After being stopped in a car park in Sunderland.

We came back to work on Monday and there was no sign of the van so we were about to call the police when an officer beat us to it and came to our premises. He explained that the van had been seized and was being searched. He said that the internal plywood boards had been taken off as part of the search and we weren't too bothered about that as it would be fairly easy to fix.

It all looks OK, But know the 'Boys in Blue' had one last trick up their dirty sleeves. Im truly starting to feel sorry for Poor Ronnie right now.

It looked as if it should still belong on the production line. There is a headlight that has been left out, the bumper is off and the dashboard is in pieces. I asked the officer how I go about claiming for the cost of repairs and I was told Northumbria Police wouldn't pay. Even if the police did pay for the cost of putting the van back together I have lost out because I couldn't hire it out when they seized it and the warranty on the van will be void now because someone other than a Renault technician has worked on it.

Now to really take the Micheal the Police force in question Northumbria Police issued this statement, which kinda gets you to understand why so many people wouldn't bother calling the Police as they seem to be completely incompetent or heartless.

Officers searched a van in the Washington area on Friday, July 11, and found a large quantity of amphetamines concealed behind paneling. A 35 year old man was subsequently arrested for possession of a controlled drug and driving whilst disqualified. In relation to the search of the van, during which the drugs were found hidden, the search was lawful and necessary and as such redress is not a matter for Northumbria Police.

Really makes you wonder eh?