There is a growing anticipation that the popularity of greener energy alternatives will soon have a significant impact on our attempts to reverse the effects of global warming and greenhouse gases.

With our ultimate goal being to negate the reliance on fossil fuels and reduce emissions into the atmosphere, the need for solar power from the sun, hydropower from the waves, energy from the wind and geothermal heat from the ground has grown emphatically.

Solar panel on roof

Consumers are now able to invest in their own greener energy alternatives, contributing to a growth in the number of solar panels installed on domestic properties with the added benefit of seeing energy bills reduced. The EU has already set a projected target for 20% of all European energy originating from renewable sources.

Energy concerns are likely to increase further in the future with the impact of greenhouse gases taking their toll on environments all over the world. If you were interested to learn more about renewable energy, here are five intriguing facts you need to know.

  • We Can Store Solar Energy for Later Use

Solar Panels might put you off due to their imposing price, yet most are put off by the idea of only being able to absorb energy from the sun during the day. The truth is that solar panels contain a special salt that allows for the absorption and storage of energy from the sun so that it can be used overnight as well. Sunlight is soaked up during the day and used overnight if necessary.

  • Renewable Energy Alternatives Have Existed for Centuries

Renewable energy is not a new invention. In fact it’s one of the oldest forms of energy production in existence. Consider communities thousands of years ago, even as recently as before the industrial revolution, where fossil fuels ere unheard of and the best way to create energy was through windmills for pumping water and grinding grains. In addition, the Romans were the first to identify the benefits of heat beneath the Earth’s surface, thus being the first known users of geothermal energy.

  • Technology is Driving a Higher Demand for Renewable Energy

We are seeing a rapidly growing demand for energy due to our persistence in the developing online communications and data centres. Technology is evolving incredibly quickly and the likes of Apple, Google and Facebook are all acting to with greener energy alternatives in mind. The companies mentioned fund huge solar farms that produce millions of clean kilowatts of energy every year.

  • We Could Power the World Solely with Renewable Energy by 2050

The WWF have predicted that the world will get all the energy it requires from renewable energy by 2050 if targets are met. This would completely end our reliance on fossil fuels and other depleting resources. However, this is heavily linked to political, societal and financial decisions that must be made beforehand.

  • We Are Scratching the Surface When it Comes to Absorbing Energy from the Sun

There is a significant difference between what is available to us from the sun and what we are actually managing to harness at this stage. Scientists believe that the sun has enough energy to power the entire planet for a very long time. Experts say that if we were to absorb every single kilowatt of energy released by the sun that falls onto our planet in an hour, we’d have enough energy to power the entire planet for a whole year!