Ways to Say “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day

Finding the perfect gift for a significant other can be a nightmare, especially when that significant other is your wife and she has very particular and expensive tastes. While she doesn’t expect you to empty your wallet for this special day, she does want something that makes her feel like you would buy her the world if she asked.

Fortunately for you, we’ve found some great gift ideas for you that won’t break the bank, but will let her know you care. Nobody wants to spend Valentine’s Day in the dog house. Finding her something she loves will help keep you snuggled up next to her and help you both win this Valentine’s Day.

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Traditional Gifts that will make her Swoon

Of course, not everyone loves the flowers, chocolate, and lingerie, but if your wife does, these are always a great way to say I love you. Even though these are traditional gifts, there are ways to make them unique so that your honey will know that you spent time thinking about her instead of just stopping at the nearest store on your way home.

  • Flowers. The most cliché gift of all, flowers, can be a quick fix for a forgetful husband. However, even if flowers are a last ditch effort to get her something, you can pick a bouquet that will let her know that you still thought about her. Many women would prefer tulips, daisies, lilies, or even orchids to roses. Use her favorite colour in the blend and your last ditch effort might turn out better than expected.
  • A card. A personalized card will leave her with a smile on her face. Don’t purchase a pre-made card and sign your name. Instead of being happy that you remembered Valentine’s Day, she will be thinking, “could he have taken any less time on this?” Write her a letter or leave a note inside the card telling her what she means to you.
  • Jewelry. Just about every woman loves a new piece of jewelry. If you know your wife is picky, you may want to choose something simple, such as pearl or diamond earrings. However, be aware of issues, such as an allergy or non-pierced ears.
  • Chocolate. Just another cliché gift? I think not! Chocolate is one of the universal mood boosters for women. Buy the stuff you know she likes, not just a prepackaged, heart shaped box of assorted candy. If she loves fondue, consider purchasing a fondue machine and some chocolate to go along with it. This could be quite a treat for both of you for many evenings to come.
  • Lingerie. Hopefully you know what kind of lingerie your wife is comfortable wearing. Buy her something will help her feel sexy and remind her that she is your wife and not just the mother of your children.
  • Stuffed animals. This is more common in the younger generation; however, a stuffed animal may be used as a token memory of a special time together or as a way to introduce a special surprise.
  • A weekend spa getaway. Giving her a weekend away with you, will show her that she means more to you than your buddies and football games. Make it a spa weekend for bonus points.

Unique Gifts to Show her you Care

While traditional gifts may work for some women, others prefer a unique and well thought-out gift. Here are a few ideas if this is more like your significant other.

  • Homemade breakfast or dinner. Breakfast in bed or a home cooked dinner while the kids are at their grandparents is never a bad idea, even if you aren’t a great cook. You can even throw in one of the “oh-so-cute” aprons you saw her shopping for online to surprise her even more.
  • Use your talents. Are you a woodworker? Artist? Potter? Chef? Airplane Pilot? Or do you have good connections? Whether you craft a rocking chair or take her out in a helicopter, do something she will remember.
  • Cater to her needs. Is your wife a frequent traveler? Crafting diva? Homemaker? While practical gifts are appreciated, you may want to stick to something that is more luxurious. A silk travel pillow is a good example of something that is both useful and special.
  • Massage. If you are both touchy-feely people, a massage, complete with oils, lotions, candles and a fluffy robe, is a great way to get on her good side and spend a relaxing evening together. If you’re lucky she may feel like reciprocating.
  • Bath Indulgence. Bath salts, oils, beads, shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, and a head cushion are all fantastic ideas for giving her a night of her own, whether it falls on Valentine’s Day or not.
  • Romantic Movie Night. I know most men hate this idea, but imagine her excitement when you bring home that movie she’s been babbling about for weeks and you actually want to watch it with her. Consider this an easy way to get on her good side.
  • Jewellery Box. Maybe you’ve gotten her jewelry for the past few years and want to do something different. Give her a beautiful customized jewelry box, or a fancy ring holder. This is something she could do without, but would probably love to have.

If these ideas don’t spark your imagination, we have a feeling you’ll be in the dog house anyways.

Guest post from Heidi Rothert who writes content for Grandway, a boutique that offers items such as aprons, potholders, luggage tags and other flirty items that are perfect gifts for any day of the year. She also writes content for the beauty school, dental, and plumbing industries and is currently working on growing her portfolio.