What happens after a Tarot reading?

What happens after a Tarot reading, depends very much on you as the individual. Having a Tarot reading is like taking a snapshot of your life and seeing what it looks like in that freeze-frame moment. Not only can you see your present situation, but it also reveals past actions and patterns of behaviour that have influenced your life. Looking at this can help identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide useful insight into taking the best course of action in the future.


Tarot cards will not solve your problems or tell you what to do. They will help you to understand yourself better and equip you to make decisions that are in line with your best interests and personal growth and development.

Do Tarot cards predict the future?

Tarot cards show likely outcomes and suggest the best course of action based on the situation at the actual time of the reading. Cards show a probable future or sometimes futures, if comparing a choice of options. The future is not set in stone and we all have the ability to change direction by making choices and decisions. We all have free will, which is the gift and ability to create and shape our own futures.

Tarot helps you to take ownership of your life, to take responsibility for your choices and actions. Tarot is a powerful tool for guidance and self-empowerment.

How do people feel after a Tarot reading?

Everybody is different and no two readings are the same, however over many years of reading, I have seen common outcomes.

Generally, people feel:

LESS – anxious, fearful, stressed, worried, upset, lost, uncertain…


MORE – calm, centered, grounded, focused, decisive, motivated, on track, positive…

Using Tarot to examine yourself and your life, can help you to make better sense of your life, to bring healing to your past and present and help you to prepare for your future.

This piece was researched and written by Karen Sealey from Psychic Ether