Both individuals and businesses are joining the green revolution by finding a solution to the seemingly eternal battle of mobile device charging needs with the solar charging table.

It is one of a various solar powered green commercial products that are emerging as ecological business solutions.

Important to the protection of the environment, this is a subject which is becoming increasingly important as we move forward in the 21st Century.

Unique and with fantastic sleek design, if you are a business owner, this solar powered charging table can lead to happy clients and delighted workers. Set up and configuration is simple and no different to any other table. The table is perfect for areas where charging can be difficult, such as on a terrace, in a campsite or on University campuses, the table allows users to charge their portable devices without the need for a traditional power source.

In addition to its use as a charger, it is of course a table, and as such can be used by cafés, bars and restaurants as traditional furniture. In looking into eco friendly solutions, potential clients will see you as a trailblazer and in conjunction with other green technology products your business will be seen as protecting our environmental interests.

Giving customers access to a charging table will allow you to be a step ahead of your local competition and offers you a unique selling point.  With the assurance of  guaranteed customer satisfaction by choosing to furnish your establishment with charging tables should lead to happy loyal customers who return time after time and recommend you to their friends.

The solar charging table is easy to use, with a lots of different sockets underneath the table top where you can plug in your cables to charge your device batteries

solar tables charging points

Because the table can be angled and turns up to 90 degrees you can make the most of the sun, whatever it’s position. This is also an added advantage for storing the table indoors or under cover as they are a manageable size and therefore will take up much less space.