Popular footwear for summer 2013

Now that summer is here you may think it is time to bare those feet and slip on your sandals. While this is true, there are also many styles of closed toe boots and shoes that can still be worn throughout the summer months.


Our guide to summer footwear for 2013 will take you through all the latest trends and how to wear them so your feet do all the talking this summer.

Styles of open-toed shoes

The summer months are an opportunity to bare your feet, paint your toes and wear skimpier footwear than you might wear during the remainder of the year. For summer 2013, although there are many classic styles of sandal available, there are also some other trends that you may want to try. The idea of wearing footwear with an element of transparency is not new however we are seeing it much more this summer with the increasing popularity of shoes and sandals which include transparent heels and straps. If you are a woman who prefers her heels classic and low, then you will be pleased to know that kitten heels for sandals have made a comeback. This classic style will provide you with comfort as well as fashion brownie points. Wedge sandals with lower heels are also making a comeback as well as caged or gladiator type sandals which remain popular. If you do not want to embrace the trend for sandals completely then you could try a pair of shoes or boots with a peep toe, for the best of both worlds.

Closed toe shoes for the summer

It may seem rather unusual to be discussing wearing shoes or boots with a closed toe during the summer, however for some people such shoes and boots are essential because of their work and for others they just prefer them to baring their feet. Whichever category you fall into there are plenty of styles out there for you to choose from.

If you decide to opt for a closed toe shoe on the days when it just is not the weather for sandals you will not be disappointed. Shoes with pointed toes are a key trend for summer 2013, as are ones with metal toe caps. You may even be able to find some that are a combination of both of these trends. Sports type shoes and ballet flats both remain classic styles and will help to see you through times in the summer when the weather is not so great, right through to the autumn. If you prefer your shoes a little more solid then boots can still be worn in summer and will help you to develop a whole new look. These include chunky heeled Chelsea boots.

This will have inspired you to bare your feet or made you want to reach for anything with a closed toe. Whichever camp you fall into then there is a trend for you. It may even be the case that by wearing a shoe with a peep toe you can wear a combination of the two.