These days it seems like some people will take any excuse to sue someone else, even if their injuries or damages are obviously their own fault and completely ridiculous. Here are a few of the strangest personal injury claims out there:

  • A man actually sued the Budweiser Beer Company for emotional stress and psychological damages he said were caused by an advertising campaign that they had run. The adverts suggested that drinking Budweiser caused beautiful women in bikinis to appear. The man asked for $10,000 for the damages caused by the “misleading” ad and another $10,000 because he went to purchase more and more beer to continue trying.
  • A man named Austin Aitken sued NBC television for a total of $2.5 million because of an episode of the gross-out television show “Fear Factor”. He claimed that watching the contestants on the show eat rats caused him to become dizzy and light-headed and he vomited and ran into a doorway. The judge dismissed the case as being frivolous.
  • In the USA, a man sued the coal company that he worked for to the tune of $10 million. He was using a porta-potty and decided to have a sneaky cigarette. There was a methane leak in the pipe leading to the porta-potty which caused a huge explosion when he lit up his cheeky smoke.
  • Cleanthi Peters sued the Universal Studios theme park in Florida for the mental distress and emotional counselling she underwent as a result of visiting the “Halloween Horror Nights” attraction. She claimed that it was too scary. What did she expect from a haunted house?
  • A woman named Geremie Hoff of Missouri, USA sued a hair salon for depression, emotional distress, counselling and loss of income. She had gone to the salon to have her hair chemically straightened, and the process had caused her hair to fall out in large clumps. She said that she was so seriously traumatized that she became depressed and was forced to retire early from her teaching position and quit her position as a tour guide. Hoff won her lawsuit and the salon paid her $6,000.
  • Darlene Griffin, who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida sued the West Palm Beach County for injuries she received at a public park as a result of an overly aggressive goose. The goose lunged toward her son, and when she jumped in to protect him the goose fit her foot. As a result, she fell and broke her tailbone. She claimed that the county should have posted warning signs about the dangerous and territorial goose.

These are just a few of the incredibly strange and ridiculous personal injury claims which have been filed over the years.