Whether you are planning a spectacular evening for your dearly beloved or you want to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend for a milestone anniversary, sometimes it feels really great to do something nice for someone else. Letting someone know how much they mean to you can be really worth the effort put in towards one fantastic evening as often the reactions are well worth all the elbow grease.

Although everybody has a different idea of their perfect anniversary evening, there are a few pointers that is bound to give everyone a good time, whatever your personal interests or preferences. After all, most people love being reminded that they are appreciated and loved and what better way to express this than with a romantic anniversary evening all planned out by you?


Here is the perfect guide to creating that special evening, as advised by Lladro porcelain specialists The Chinaman:

Clearing the Calendar

Before you start planning, it is important to make sure that you are both free for the evening. This may seem like a fairly easy step, but if you lead busy lives it can be hard to keep the calendars clear without giving the game away.

If you are in touch with your significant others friends and colleagues, get in touch with them to make sure that they don’t book something on your anniversary. You can tell them the truth or make something up but remember that it needs to be a validated fib otherwise your partner may accidentally stumble upon your lie and make you come clean.

The best way of doing this is to make your partner think that you have something planned, but that it is something mundane or simple, such as a trip to the movies and then a meal in a restaurant. This way they will keep themselves free but still be surprised for the evening.

A little surprise…
…goes a long way. If you plan it right and surprise your significant other, the joy of this surprise is often enough to make a fantastic start to an anniversary evening. This works particularly well if your partner is normally the one who organises things, as it makes a change from the norm.

Some wives/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends/what have you tend to be a little on the inquisitive side, so bonus points if you manage to surprise a significant other who likes to keep an eye on other people. While it can be frustrating trying to surprise someone like this, the pay off will be much greater as they (hopefully) won’t expect it!

Romantic Dinner for two

What better way to say ‘you’re special to me’ than by making a meal with your own two hands? Obviously this depends a lot on your specific skills when it comes to cooking, although a simple stir fry can still make a delicious meal, and who doesn’t know how to cook Bolognese nowadays? It is really the thought that counts

Or why not try your hand at a little baking and make your partner a delicious dessert to go with the meal? Whatever their personal preferences, you’ll be spoilt for choice with thousands of different recipes to choose from, just make sure you choose something that both of you will enjoy.

romantic meal

Thoughtful Gift Giving

The crux of a beautiful evening is giving the gifts. On some occasions you may agree not to exchange gifts, although in all honesty this is never a safe route to go down unless you have never exchanged gifts with your significant other on your anniversary. In some cases your partner will say that they don’t really want a gift, but what they may mean is that they don’t want to know what their gift is. If they express a desire for something, now they have an inkling of what they might be getting.

Use your own intuition to buy a beautiful gift that will wow your partner. You should know better than anyone what they enjoy and what they would like to receive. Whether it is a gift card or a delicate porcelain figurine or tickets to the latest west end musical, make sure it is something from the heart.

At the end of the day it is completely up to you what you choose to do for your anniversary. The only thing that matters is that you express your love in a way that only the two of you know how and often, just that is enough. Some people don’t want flashing lights or a big brass band, they only want to feel loved and appreciated and an anniversary is the perfect time to do just that.